Colegas em Lisboa

E-mail enviado de um colega que foi de férias a Portugal e a quem recomendei alguns sítios e restaurantes:

"I am writing you this email from the porch of our Portuguese mill, which is our home for the next eight more days. We are next to Setúbal, close to the Castelo de Saō Filipe -- a pousada, so I have learned. We are having a great time and today we have visited one of the beaches suggested by Vera, Figueirinha, and indeed this was a great suggestion. Some more Portuguese delights that we had the pleasure to experience:

1. White Wine, moscatel; this is a great story: the owners of the estate, I guess you would call it a quinta, put a bottle of wine in our fridge. We really liked it and went searching for it in the supermarket. It turns out to be the 1.87 euro special of the month at the jumbo! Wow, how one can fool a Dutchman and the other interpretation is: what great wines does Portugal have. And it really does!

2. Bread soup with fish, such as cod or shrimp; this is definitely a dish I would like to have a recipe of. Wow, it is simple, tasty, and can be combined with meat and fish. I guess this is the paella of Portugal?

3. And of course the bifteka served with egg and potato, of course nothing special but the meat is simple very good in Portugal. (We had this close to Evora where we did not get much fish obviously.)

4. The park that we are in: Arrabida. This afternoon we drove along the coastline and back from a road that was a bit more high up. It turns out that we were driving on along a mountain ridge with great views. On one side the ocean and on the other inland of the Setúbal peninsula.

Thanks for the suggestions so far and I am sure that we will continue to have a great time in Portugal."

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